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Category: Chocolate bars

Amedei Toscano Black 63 %

Amedei Toscano Black 63 %
29 Mar, 2012
As always, Amedei produces high quality chocolate. This chocolate tastes better than it smells. It´s easy to eat, and I want more!

Michel Cluizel Noir de Cacao 72 %

Michel Cluizel Noir de Cacao 72 %
22 Mar, 2012
Michel Cluizel knows how to make good chocolate. This is a favourite that scores high.

Cloetta Tarragona Almond-croquante

tarragona almond crouqantelkrokant
06 Mar, 2012
Tarragona Almond-croquante is a lower quality milk chocolate. The chocolate contains other fats than cocoa butter. The flavour was better than similar lower quality milk chocolates.

Amedei Toscano Brown

Amedei Toscano Brown
05 Dec, 2011
An unusually tasty milk chocolate of high quality and almost perfect texture.

Baratti E Milano - Extra Fondente 70 %

Baratti E Milano Extra fondente-1
17 Nov, 2011
This chocolate bar from Italy was ok. The judgments varied from average to a little bit above average.


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