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5 chocolate shops in Mall of America

Mall of America is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. All chocolate shops there sold only chocolates from their own brand. They were more focused on pralines than chocolate bars. The pralines were OK, but not fantastic.

Mall of America is in Minnesota, USA between Minneapolis and St Paul. I visited several good chocolate shops in this huge mall.

Mall of AmericaThe staff in most of them were very nice and helpful. The only exception was in one of Godiva's two stores, where the manager was rude.



See's candies had the nicest staff . Godiva is the obvious winner when only taking the quality of the pralines into account.

In general I feel that the texture of the American pralines were a little bit too firm and the ganache too sweet. The size and the cost of the pralines varied a lot between the shops.


1. See's candies

The shop is on the second floor, north section - N284

Sees candiesSee's candies sold a lot of different kinds of pralines. The pralines were large and had a low cost. I bought 8 pralines for about $8.

See's Famous Old Time Candies was founded in 1921. The pralines are produced in California.

All shop visitors were offered a complimentary sample praline. When I told the manager that I am writing a chocolate blog, she offered me additional free samples.

The pralines I tested were fresh and very tasty. It felt like the ingredients were of good quality. The texture of the ganache was to firm for my taste and I could feel the grains of sugar in the ganache.  My favorite was the blueberry truffle. Unfortunately some of the most exciting flavors were seasonal and not available at the time.


2. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

The shop is on the first floor, east section - E128

Rocky Mountain Chocolate FactoryI only bought two pralines from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They were big enough to have as a desert but the taste was not great. The pralines were quite expensive, about $3/praline.

This franchise brand is specialized in large pralines and chocolate coated apples with different candies on them. The store did not have many different pralines. 

The staff was nice but a bit stressed.


Rum Truffle

Rating: Betyg: 6

The praline had a shell of very sweet, milk chocolate. The shell was too thick and the pralines seemed to be dipped multiple times in chocolate. The rum flavor of the praline was too weak according to my taste. The ganache had a good texture, smooth and not too firm.

Hazelnut praline

Rating: Beteg: 5

This praline did also have a thick, very sweet shell. The ganache had a good texture but I could not identify any taste of hazelnuts in the ganache as I had expected. It seemed like they had added a lot of sugar instead of only using the sweetness already there in the chocolate. That made the praline too sweet. Considering the size of the praline it is too much for most to eat a whole one by yourself.


3. Godiva chocolatier

Shop1 is on the first floor, west section - W126
Shop 2 is on the second floor, east section - E278

Godiva ChocolatesThe store manager was really rude in the Godiva shop 1. When I asked if I could take a photo in the store she said NO almost with a hostile tone in her voice. She was so unpleasant that I did not buy anything in the shop.


In Godiva shop 2 I was treated very differently. I talked to the store manager in this store as well and asked if I could take a photo. She was very helpful and nice.

They had more than 20 different kinds of pralines, different boxes of chocolate pralines and some special Halloween chocolates (I visited the store in October). The pralines I bought from Godiva were the best I bought in Mall of America. They were not fantastic but well above average. I bought 4 pralines for about $8.


4. Lindt Chocolate

The shop is on the second floor, south section - S284

Lindt LindorThe Lindt shop were selling a lot of different chocolate bars but mainly the Lindor truffles. They had 10 different flavors to choose from. It seems like not all flavors are available in every country. All visitors to the store was offered a complimentary Lindor truffle.


During the months before Christmas Lindt is selling a whole lot of Chocolate calendars. The lady in front of me, bought chocolate calendars and Lindor truffles for $248. Her two friends bought for a similar amount.


5. Nestlé Toll House Cafe

Shop 1 is on the first floor, west section - W152
Shop 2 is on the second floor, east section - E283

I visited shop 1 and the staff treated me very well there (I never visited shop 2). In this shop they only sold pastry, no chocolate bars or pralines. I had tried a brownie here during an earlier visit and I wanted to see if they still measured up. That they really did.

Rating: Beyug: 9/10

Turtle BrownieI bought a Turtle Brownie. It had a rich chocolate taste. The texture was perfect, chewy and not too firm or dry. The caramel coating on the top was a little bit too sweet and superfluous. Without the caramel coating this would have been a perfect brownie.



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