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7 chocolate songs (part 4)

Among the chocolate songs this time there is music from Southpark, latin, rock and rap. Among the artist you can find 4 Non Blondes, Lil Jon, Hayes Isaac, Shanice, Alex e Alex and more.

This is the fourth post about chocolate music. Possibly there will be one mre in the future. 

Here is part 1

Here is part 2

Here is part 3

The chocolate songs are in a random order. Do you know of any more? Write a commment to let me know.

1. Chocolate  - FrYars


2. Si tu boquita fuera de chocolate  - Salón Victoria


3. Chocolate - Shanice


4. Chocolate quente - Alex e Alex


5. Ms. chocolate - Lil Jon (ft. R. Kelly & Mario)


6. Morphine & Chocolate - 4 Non Blondes


7. Chocolate Salty Balls - Hayes Isaac

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