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9 delicious pralines from Emanuel´s Pantry

I absolutely fell in love with several of his pralines; Sea buckthorn, elder blossom, hazelnut, passion fruit... There is no argument that these pralines hold a very high class. This is pure artisanship!

I was lucky enough to win a box of pralines from Emanuel´s Pantry in a competition on his facebook page.

pralinask från Emanuel´s Pantry










I have tried pralines from Emanuel Andrén before, but it was a long time ago. We bought some at a Swedish chocolate festival, Chokladsalongen i Askersund,  several years ago. Unfortunately I haven´t gotten the chance after that since there is no reseller near bye.  But fear not! Now you can order them on the internet. There are even some resellers in the U.S, since Emanuel Andrén has become a huge success over there. He even delivered pralines to the Grammy awards last year.

They are really something special, but somewhat expensive.  But this time I didn´t have to consider the price and I was able to enjoy nine pralines all to myself! My husband got to try some, but most of them I kept to myself.

Emanuel Andréns praliner i Askersund










A somewhat unfair judging

Unfortunately I had a really bad cold a long time after I received the box with pralines in the mail. So I waited to try them so I could actually be able to taste them and judge them fairly. But the cold dragged on and on, so when I eventually tried them they were not exactly fresh anymore. I don´t know if that had any impact on the flavour. All the same they still were wonderfully luxurious and of a marvelous quality.

However, there is a slightly strange situation when you are about to judge pralines that you haven´t selected yourself. In the box were both my favourite kind of praline (passion fruit) and my hatred kind (licorice).  I would never have chosen a licorice praline for myself, so you have to consider that in my judging on that one. That is like a music critic who normally visit heavy metal concerts and suddenly has to write a review of an opera.


All nine of Emanuel´s pralines where top class

When I first jotted down what I thought of each praline I wrote "perfect texture!", "good flavour balance", "chocolate shell have a perfect thickness", "great chocolate quality". But after writing that several times it started to get a bit repetitive. These statements is namely true for all nine pralines. That isn´t actually the case with all handmade pralines. The texture and the quality usually vary in the selection of a manufacturer, but these are consistently great.


So what do I mean with a perfect texture?

Partly it is of course a matter of taste, so this is what MY opinion is: The filling should be rather runny, but not so loose that it flows out of the shell. It should be completely smooth and even, so you don´t feel anything solid on the tongue. It should also be a bit buttery. Possibly the texture could also be like a chocolate mousse, that I also like.


Praliner från Emanuel´s Pantry










1. Baileys

Jill´s rating: Betyg: 7 av 10

I´m not even going to comment on the texture and quality. The praline tasted of Baileys, and a little caramel. The liquor flavour was only faint, which I prefer. Otherwise it can overtake the rest of the flavours. My husband Anders got to try some, and he thought the liquor was too faint. This praline certainly was good, but it wasn´t quite as interesting as the others in the box. It lacked some "umpf".


2. Lemon

Jill´s rating: Betyg: 8 av 10

A soundly snap was heard when I bit through the dark shell. The texture was somewhat looser than the other pralines, but still very good. But after that I got some mixed feelings. At the first taste I thought that the praline was way too bitter, with a distinct taste of lemon peel. But the more I tasted the better it became. After a while I couldn´t feel any bitterness. It was a well-balanced flavour. I was positively surprised. I usually go for pralines that are a bit sour, and I have noticed that lemon pralines often are sweetened too much to compensate. But in this case the lemon flavour got play on its own! The aftertaste lasted for a very long time and was wonderfully pleasant. I almoust didn´t want to brush my teeth that evening...


3. Sea buckthorn

Jill´s rating: Betyg: 9 av 10

I have tries pralines with sea buckthorn before, and they haven´t been anything special. But this was surprisingly tasty! The milk chocolate in the shell worked perfectly with the filling, which had a great balance. The praline was both sweet and sour, which is what I really like. Almost a bull´s eye! (I am pretty hard in my judging)


4. Elder flower

Jill´s rating: Betyg: 10 av 10

I already knew that this was going to be good, but I didn´t quite remember how good!  A lovely, a bit sour taste of elder blossom and lemon in perfect harmony. It reminded me of elder flower must in Kapitelhusgården in Visby (that is a medieval restaurant), wonderful and really refreshing.  I have many fond memories from that place.

I usually avoid pralines with a white shell since they tend to be too sweet for my taste, but this praline wasn´t that sweet at all. It is clearly the best white praline I ever tried. It´s only fault was that it wasn´t even bigger and that the after taste wasn´t longer so I could have enjoyed it as long as I would have liked to.


5. Cognac

Jill´s rating: Betyg: 7 av 10

Anders´ rating: Betyg: 8 av 10

I usually don´t go for pralines with a liquor flavour, so on this one Anders got to join in the judging. The praline had a clear cracking sound when bitten into. It had an obvious liquor flavour that was a bit too strong for me, but perfect for Anders. We could taste some smokiness and a little burning flavour. I don´t think I have ever tried real cognac, so I really don´t know how to judge it. It is not my kind, but still good.


6. Licorice

Jill´s rating: Betyg: 1 av 10

Anders´ rating: Betyg: 5 av 10

Well, what should I say... I really hate licorice and always have. But I thought that I should try it anyway when I got hold of one with a really high quality.  Yuck and whew. It was really nasty and I had to spit it out. I think it was among the most disgustful pralines I ever tried. But then again I haven´t tried that many licorice pralines before. This praline is nothing for the fainthearted. It tastes very strongly of licorice and the taste stays on forever. Not even Anders thought it was especially good, but on the other hand he prefers salty licorice.  But if you like sweet licorice you should really try it. "Obscene" was the word Anders used to describe it. I would never ever eat that kind of praline again, but Anders thought it was tasty enough to try once more. But he would never pay for it. There is nothing wrong with the quality here, so maybe it isn´t right to grade it as low as I have. Anders gave it a bit higher rating due to the craftsmanship.


7. Hazelnut

Jill´s rating: Betyg: 8 av 10

Anders´ rating: Betyg: 10 av 10

Nutty pralines doesn´t belong to my favourite kinds of pralines, but they are usually quite alright. This is really Anders favourite area. He thought that this praline was a real pleasure. "Almost orgasmic!" We could really taste that the quality of hazelnuts used were very good. That isn´t always the case. Something that surprised me was that the texture still was perfectly smooth. I don´t think I ever encountered that in a nutty praline. I usually excuse praline makers if they don´t have perfect texture in nutty pralines, since I thought that this is always the way it is. Wrong! It is actually possible! The flavour reminded me of a chewy nut caramel I ate as a child. This praline was really tasty!


8. Xanté

Jill´s rating: Betyg: 7 av 10

Anders´ rating: Betyg: 7 av 10

None of us have ever tasted Xanté, so we didn´t know what to expect. The praline was quite ok. A distinct snapping sound from the shell. The texture was a bit different from the others; more mousse like, but still really smooth. I liked that too. The taste of liquor was quite distinct, but I couldn´t discriminate anything else. I imagined that I felt a faint tone of herbs, but I was most likely wrong since Xanté is a cognac made with pears. None of us felt any pears at all but the praline reminded at lot of the cognac praline we tried before. 


9. Passion fruit

Jill´s rating: Betyg: 9 av 10

Passion fruit is my absolute favourite among pralines, so I have high demands. This one was in a really high class, but didn´t get all the way to the top even if it was close. Very, very good, but I have had even better. I really liked that it was both sweet and a bit acidic. I could also taste a hint of bitterness that I would have liked to be without (maybe from the seeds?). I also believe that the balance would have been better with a shell made of dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. And unfortunately this praline was next to the licorice praline in the box which influenced the flavour a bit (only on the surface).  I have never thought of that before; that the placing in the box can be really important. The rating still ends up on a nine, but a rather weak nine.

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