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Baratti E Milano - Extra Fondente 70 %

This chocolate bar from Italy was ok. The judgments varied from average to a little bit above average.

Baratti E Milano´s chocolates aren´t readily available. We bought ours in a shop for Italian delicacies. It was in the higher price range; $ 7.

 Baratti E Milano - Extra Fondente 70 %



Name: Baratti E Milano, Extra Fondente

Produced in: Italy

Cocoa content: 70 %

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, fat-reduced cocoa, flavours




About the chocolate testing

We were three persons who tried this chocolate: Me (Jill), Anders and my mum (Eva). Anders usually goes for somewhat sweeter chocolates than me. It also should be added that my mum probably prefers quantity before quality when it comes to sweets.

 Chocolate - Baratti E Milano - Extra Fondente 70 %










Colour: Medium brown

Structure: Smooth, shiny


A somewhat compact snapping sound.


Vanilla, tobacco


Smooth, silky. A little bit fatty. Felt dry and rough on the tongue. Melted quickly in the mouth.


Vanilla, cherries, a little bitterness. Faintly of coffee. Reminded somewhat of baking chocolate of lower quality.

Aftertaste: Subtle aftertaste that quickly disappeared.



Rating by Anders: Rating 7/10

Rating by Eva: Rating 7/10

Rating by Jill: Rating 5/10


About  Baratti E Milano

Ferdinando Baratti och Edoardo Milano founded a café in Turin 1858. When they eventually opened the café /shop in new premises in 1875, they were granted the honour of the Savoy Coat of Arms by the king. This Coat of Arms is still used in their logo. The same premises are still used even if it is now extended and remodelled. The Minister of Culture and Environment has decided that the building and it´s furniture have to be protected. Now the café is fully restored to its original splendour.


On Tripadvisor there are many who recommends a visit at Baratti E Milano should you ever come to Turin. In the café you can buy everything from coffee, hot chocolate, cocktails, ice cream, and pastry to dinner. They also sell their own Giandujotti; which is chocolate with roasted hazel nuts. It is said to be invented in Turin. The chocolate of Baratti E Milano is sold and distributed by Daprano.


Links to moore information - all will be opened in a new:

Baratti E Milano – Historical café

Baratti E Milano´s homepage for chocolate

Baratti E Milano´s chocolate at the homepage of  Daprano

About Baratti E Milano on Tripadvisor

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