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Chocolate calendars for grown ups

There are a lot of producers that sell advent calendars with high quality chocolate. You can find calendars filled with pralines, with pieces of chocolate, tiny chocolate bars etc. Some of them contain alcohol, but most of them are suitable for children as well.

Now it is time to think about shopping this year´s advent calendars. In some cultures every child has an advent calendar each year. For instance in Sweden, where I live.  My husband usually fills my fabric advent calendar with 24 chocolate neapolitans of better quality. He is so wonderful!

If you are not as fortunate, you can buy one for yourself. Plenty of producers sell chocolate calendars with quality chocolate. Here are some of them. Maybe there are more. Some of them you can only find in Sweden, but, hey, maybe you will come here someday.



Chokladkalendrar från Lauenstein

Lauenstein has plenty of advent calendars. Some are with alcohol, some without. Some are filled with truffles and pralines, some with neapolitans.  Some of the calendars are three dimensional and pictures for instance a book, a sleigh or a cottage. The more ordinary advent calendars have different motifs from different German cities to choose from.



Chokladkalendrar från Beschle

Beschle has four different advent calendars. The all seem to contain the same thing. It is just the outside that varies. The calendars weigh 240 grams. They contain 24 different alcohol free truffles, for example milk chocolate truffle, coffee truffle, vanilla truffle, fig truffle and truffle made of criollo Maracaibo etc.



Chokladkalender från Divine



Divine´s fair trade advent calendar consists of milk chocolate this year. Other years they have had two kinds; one with milk chocolate and one with dark chocolate.






Chokladkalendrar från Zotter








Zotter uses only uses fair trade and organic products as far as possible. Also in his two types of chocolate calendars. One is filled with “Mitzi-blue”, which are round chocolate bars with very original flavours.  In the calendar there are 24 pieces with 12 different flavors. Each piece weighs 10 grams.

The other advent calendar is different. 24 chocolate bars are on the outside of a cube and one bar is on the inside. Each of the 25 bars weighs 20 grams. The chocolate bars are “hand-scooped”, which means that they are made by hand without any moulds. Each bar is made in several layers that can have different flavours



Chokladkalender från Chokladbiten


Chokladbiten is a Swedish chocolate boutique. Their advent calendars are filled with their own range of handmade pralines and truffles. They consists of about 300 grams of chocolate, They have two varieties, one with alcohol and one without.





Chokladkalender från Lindt

Lindt has a child friendly advent calendar. In it you can find 33 (?) pieces of milk chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate with hazelnut flavour. The pieces are all in different Christmas themed shapes. There is a Santa Claus, a star, polar bear, snow man, angel etc.



Luksus PR Chokolade

Adventskalendrar från Luksus PR Chokolade

This is a Danish company that specializes in publicity gifts and company Christmas gifts. They have 4 different chocolate calendars this year. The inside as well as the outside varies. They can contain for instance filled chocolate balls, French nougat and handmade marzipan truffles with different flavours.



chocolate calendar from Montezuma´s







Montezuma´s has two varieties of their chocolate calendar. On is filled with dark chocolate and the other one contains both milk chocolate and white chocolate. They both weigh 240 grams.



Chokladkalender från Maileg



This Danish design company sells an advent calendar of their own design filled with pieces of Lindt chocolate. They also sell cute fabric calendars in the form of Christmas elves (pixies). You can fill them yourself with small gifts.






Rosmarys Choklad

Adventskaledrar från Rosemarys Choklad

This Swedish company has advent calendars with three different motifs. You can choose if you want to buy them empty or if you want it filled with 320 grams of mixed truffles and pralines.


Anthon Berg

Anthon Berg used to have advent calendars filled with pralines other years. If they will this year I don´t know. I didn´t find any on their homepage.



Chocolate calendars from Valrhona



I saw a Valrhona chocolate calendar at the Chocolate festival in Nordiska Museet in October. But I couldn´t find any on their web site. Maybe it will be there soon.




Links to more information – all links will be opened in a new window:

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