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Chocolate marmelade doesn´t go well with waffles

Today is waffle day in Sweden. We put our energy into making a chocolate marmalade to accompany the waffles. It was certainly tasty, but we failed with the texture. It was almost impossible to smear on the waffles. Also, it was way too sweet to use on the waffles. You should try making some chocolate marmalade on your own, but use it on something else.

våffla med chokladmarmelad, hallonsås och vispgrädde










Waffle day is really a mishearing of the old Swedish name for Annunciation Day. It was called "Vår Fru" dag (day of Our Lady), which sounds similar to "våffel" dag (waffle day).

As usual I didn´t have time to do what I originally intended. The chocolate waffles with real chocolate in the mixture hade to be prepared one day in advance. So we made normal Swedish waffles with chocolate marmalade, raspberry sauce and whipped cream.


rullad chokladmarmelad


Our chocolate marmalade became so firm that we could roll balls with it. It was more suitable as candy. It actually turned out as a really yummy chocolate caramel with a hint of raspberry.




burk med chokladmarmelad


Chocolate marmalade is good on toast, a slice of baguette or on a croissant, that is something that isn´t as sweet. But that requires that the marmalade is easy to spread. And it should have been. Oh, well, I can´t succeed at everything the first time. Now it remains to be seen if we can get it out of the jar at all...



Chocolate marmalade recipe

We used a recipe from the famous Swedish chocolate guru Jan Hedh, but changed it somewhat. Our first mistake was not to mortar the very lumpy muscovado sugar. I also think that it cooked too long even though the temperature was according to the original recipe. Maybe the thermometer wasn´t fast enough. 


1/2 vanilla pod

1 can condense milk (397 g)

25 g cocoa

40 g dark chocolate, 70 %

2.5 g salt

1 tsk raspberry vinegar (originally balsamic vinegar)

35 g honey

125 g muscovado sugar (brown cane sugar)


How to do

1. Heat the oven to 80 ° C (176° F).

2. Put a rinsed glass jar in the oven for about 10 minutes.

3. Chop the chocolate into tiny pieces

4. Divide the vanilla pod and scrape the seeds down in a saucepan.

5. Add cocoa, condense milk, the chocolate, salt, muscovado sugar, raspberry vinegar and honey.

6. Cook while stirring until the mixture turns 105 ° C (221° F).

7.  Pour the chocolate marmalade into the jar. Put the lid on immediately and turn it upside down.

8. Keep in the fridge.


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