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Chocolate of the day: Hot Chocolate tea

I started the day with a cup of chocolate tea for breakfast. It did wonders for my sore throat.

Hot Chocolate tea with a cup












I bought a bag of Hot Chocolate tea when I visited  the tea shop Tebladet in Linköping (Sweden). They also have a good selection of chocolates to eat.

Hot Chocolate tea










The tea is flavourful and somewhat spicy. I have tried to analyze the ingredients, and this is my conclusion: tea -leafs (but not much), cocoa nibs, black peppercorns, pieces of cinnamon, pices of ginger, cardamom seeds and possibly cloves. The tea reminded me of Indian Chai tea and gingerbread cookies. The spices doesn´t take over completely and could taste the cocoa as well.

Normally I´m no tea drinker, but tea with spices appeals to me. This was really tasty! With a splash of milk in it, it´s almost like hot cocoa, but more watery.

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