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Easter chocolates for grown ups and kids

There are plenty of chocolate makers that sells Easter chocolates of good quality. You can find eggs filled with truffles, chocolate bunnies, praline eggs, chocolate chickens and chocolate covered marshmallows.

Berzelii Choklad

Påskchoklad från Berzelii Choklad


Berzelii Choklad is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They also have a web shop. In the Easter selection there are handmade easter pralines, marzipan and chocolate eggs. Their Easter eggs have two sizes. They are filled with pralines, confect, marzipan and other things made by themselves.


Beschle Chocolatier

Påskchoklad från Beschle Chocolatier


Swiss Beschle has the products above for Easter. Unfortunately I don´t know the content, since their web shop doesn´t work.



Påskchoklad från Café-Tasse


The chocolate eggs from Café-Tasse come in beautiful packaging with Victorian designs. They are filled with hazelnut praline and come in white, milk and dark chocolate in several sizes.



Påskchoklad från Chokladfabriken


Stockholm based Chokladfabriken have chocolate eggs in four different sizes. They are filled with handmade pralines and marzipan chickens. You can also buy marzipan chickens dipped in dark chocolate. In their web shop you can find truffle eggs with rum truffle, almond and hazelnut nougat and lime truffle.  



Påskchoklad från Divine


In the assortment of Divine there are many different chocolate eggs. They come in white, milk and dark chocolate. Some are hollow and filled with miniature eggs or a chocolate bar with the flavour of ginger and orange. Some of the mini eggs are filled with hazelnut praline and some are solid. There are also sugar coated chocolate eggs and an egg hunting kit.


Flickorna Kanold

Påskchoklad från Flickorna Kanold







Flickorna Kanold in Gothenburg, Sweden fills their Aaster eggs according to the wishes of the clients. They offer their own handmade truffles and pralines in a lot of flavours. Unfortunately they don´t have a web shop, but they can send chocolate by telegram. 


Green & Black´s

Påskchoklad från Green & Black´s


Green & Black´s have a wide selection of chocolate eggs. They come in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, mint chocolate and butterscotch. Around Easter they offer a lot of gift packs with both chocolate eggs and bars from their ordinary selection. All of their chocolates are organic.


Jolla Choklad & Dessert

Påskchoklad från Jollas


Jolla in Norrköping, Sweden sells gift boxes filled with their wonderful handmade pralines. Unfortunately there is no web shop.




La Praline

Påskchoklad från La Praline







La Praline in Gothenburg, Sweden sells marzipan eggs and chocolate chickens. They don´t have a boutique any longer, but they have resellers all over Sweden.


Lauenstein Confiserie

Påskchoklad från Lauenstein


Lauenstein in Germany have wide selection this Easter. Many different hand decorated eggs with different fillings, orange nougat, vanilla truffle, egg liquor, cream truffle, Cointreau, Irish coffe, caramel truffle and butter truffle. They also offer gift boxes with pralines, and they have gift packaging for kids. You can find a lot more in their web shop.



Påskchoklad från Lindt


Most people probably recognise the golden bunnies from Lindt and the truffle eggs. They come in dark and milk chocolate and the eggs have several different fillings. In the selection they also have chocolate covered almonds.



Påskchoklad från Montezuma´s


In the Easter selection of Montezuma´s there are big eggs in dark or mikchocolate. There are medium eggs with different flavours; butterscotch, ginger and raspberry. They also have mini eggs with almond praline and hazelnut praline. Several of the eggs are organic. They also have chocolate bunnies  in white, milk and dark chocolate. In the Montezuma´s Easter selection there is also a chocolate egg filled with truffles. The chocolate that Montezuma is using is from Ecuador, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Uganda and Grenada. Be sure to check out their web shop.



Påskchoklad från POCK

POCK or Per Olsson Choklad & Konditori, which is their real name is located in Stockholm, Sweden. In their boutique the have handmade chocolate eggs filled with pralines and marzipan. Unfortunately they don´t have a web shop.



Puss & Kram Choklad

Påskchoklad från Puss & Kram

Puss & Kram Choklad is located in Nacka, Sweden.  They don´t have a web shop, but several resellers. In their boutique they have handmade chocolate eggs filled with their handmade pralines.



Rococo Chocolates

Påskchoklad från Rococo Chocolates


Rococo Chocolates is located in London, but they have a web shop.  In their selection you can find hand painted chocolate eggs, real chicken eggs filled with hazelnut ganache, quail eggs made of chocolate and filled with hazelnut praline. They have hollow eggs filled with ganaches, mixed chocolate and chocolate squares. You can also find mini chocolate eggs and small chocolate animals, even chocolate bunnies with chocolate droppings! Rococo also have chocolate eggs with sea salt and chili / black pepper.



Påskchoklad från Valrhona






Valrhona have chocolate covered marshmallows in the shape of bunnies and hens. They also have mini eggs in dark chocolate or milk chocolate with different fillings; apricot ganache, raspberry ganache, dark chocolate  Guanaja ganache, dark chocolate Manjari ganache, milk chocolate Tanariva ganache och caramel.



Påskchoklad från Weiss






The homepage of Weiss is in French and Google translate didn´t do a very good job, so I can only guess what everything means. It seems like they have chocolate eggs filled with mini nougat and marzipan eggs. They also have chocolate hens filled with marzipan, nougat, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and raspberry pralines. You can also buy mini eggs with different fillings: vanilla ganache, raspberry ganache, marzipan Grand Marnier Orange. They also have chocolate Easter bells and chocolate fishes (which seems to be very popular in France around Easter).




Påskchoklad från Venchi


In the range of Italian Venchi there are chocolate eggs with hazelnuts on top, mini chocolate eggs with gianduja, eggs in dark chocolate with orange peel, hand decorated milk chocolate eggs, chickens and bunnies in dark or milk chocolate and a soft sheep toy with mini eggs.


Venus Choklad

Påskchoklad från Venus







Venus Choklad in Askersund, Sweden also have a web shop. In it you can find chocolate bunnies on a stick (in white, milk and dark chocolate). They can be used as dippers to put in your coffee, tea or hot milk.  In Venus boutique you can buy tin eggs filled with their own chocolates. 


Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Påskchoklad från Vosges Haut-Chocolat


Vosges Haut-Chocolat has a wide selection of Easter chocolate. They are located in Chicago, U.S.A., but they also have boutiques in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. And they have a web shop. They are famous for their innovative flavours. In their Easter selection you can  find chocolate bunny lollipops, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunny babies, an orchestra with Easter bunnies and a rooster and gift boxes. How about flavours such as peanut butter and Himalaya salt, caramelized and puffed millet, dried bananas with caramel and walnuts, Guinness, caramel and pecans, hickory smoked almonds and grey seas salt and last but not least bacon caramel.



Påskchoklad från Zotter


Zotter also have quite original flavours in their selection. They make their chocolate bars in different way than others and they are all organic. In their Easter selection there are mostly chocolate bars with Easter motifs on the boxes. But they have some chocolate eggs and a bunny lollipop. Among the flavors you can find: Advocaat with chili, pineapple and red currants, marzipan, almond ganache with fruit yoghurt, raspberry and coconut, strawberries with caramel, honey, goat milk with mint and herbs, orange and carrot etc.


Åre chokladfabrik

Påskchoklad från Åre Chokladfabrik






Åre Chokladfabrik is located in Åre, Sweden.  In their Easter selection is a cone filled with truffles in the following flavours: lemon, whisky, mint cognac, marzipan and light caramel. In the Easter eggs there are raspberry truffle, marzipan truffle, dark chocolate truffle, lemon truffle, Irish cream truffle and two chocolate covered caramel bars. In the gift boxes there are truffles with vanilla, laced coffee, mint cognac, whisky and orange. You can find all of this in their web shop.



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