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Eurovision Song Contest and chocolate

I have found 4 examples of music with a connection to chocolate among previous participants.

Chocolate and Eurovision doesn´t seem to work very well. None of the chocolate related songs have finished in a top position. Maybe it is better to eat chocolate than to sing about it? 


Baunilha e chocolate - Portugal 1995

1995 Tó Cruz represented Portugal with the song "Baunilha e chocolate" (Vanilla and chocolate). Portugal only received points from France and Greece and finished at position 21 (out of 23), with 5 points. 

The winner 1995 was Norway with the song "Nocturne" performed by Secret Garden. 


Emor Shalom - Israel 1976

1976 The trio Chocolate, Menta, Mastik competed for Israel with the song "Emor Shalom". It finished at 6:th place (out of 18) and is the most successful song with a relation to chocolate so far at Eurovision Song Contest. There is also an English version of the song called "Say Hello". You can listen to it bellow:

The winner 1976 was United Kingdom with the song "Save your kisses for me" performed by Brotherhood of Man. 

Chocolatte - national contestant in Netherlands 2012

This year Raffaëla Paton competed with the song "Chocolatte" in the Netherland national competition. There she lost a duel against Joan Franka, who continued to victory with her song "You and Me".

Raffaëla von Idol 2006 in Holland. She has also been a contestant of "The Voice of Holland". She went to the live-shows, but then she had to leave.


Chocolate - national contestant in Armenia 2008, JESC

2008 Do-Re-Mi competed with the song "Chocolate" for a chance to represent Armenia in Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The winner was instead Monika Manchuarova with the song "Im Ergy Hnchyune". 

Armenia ended up in 8th place (out of 15) in Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008. The winner was Georgia with the song "Bzz.." performed by the trio Bzikebi. 


Kopp choklad - Lilla Melodifestivalen 2002

2002 Linn & Isabelle competed in "Lilla Melodifestivalen" in Sweden with the song "Kopp choklad" (A cup of chocolate), composed by the girls themselves. (Unfortunately I haven´t been able to find the original. The version above is performed by another girl) The song finished last at 10th place. The winner was Sofie with the song "Superduperkillen" (super boyfriend). The top three got to compete at MGP Nordic.

MGP Nordic 2002 was won by Razz from Denmark who performed "Kickflipper".  


Eurovision Song Contest 2012

This Tuesday (22 May) at 21:00 CET you can watch the first Semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Semifinal 2 is on Thursday (24 May) at the same time. Then Sweden and Loreen competes with "Euphoria". Go Loreen!  (If you didn´t notice by now, I´m swedish)

Hopefully Loreen will get to the final at Saturday 21:00 CET.  I really believe that Sweden has a chance to win this year. That´s not because she is the clear favorite, Sweden usually is even when the song is bad, I just have a feeling with this song. But I don´t think that a victory is at all certain. There are other possible winners as well.  I think that the biggest competition comes from Italy and Russia. 


Links to more information – all be opened in a new window:

"Euphoria" with Loreen - Sweden ESC 2012

"L'Amore È Femmina" with Nina Zilli - Italy ESC 2012 

"Party For Everybody" with Buranovskiye Babushki - Russia ESC 2012

"Nocturne" with Secret Garden - Norway ESC 1995

"Save your kisses for me" with Brotherhood of Man - United Kingdom 1976

"You and Me" with Joan Franka - The Netherlands 2012

"Im Ergy Hnchyune" with Monika Manchuarova - Armenia  JESC 2008

"Bzz.." with Bzikebi - Georgia JESC 2008

"Superduperkillen" with Sofie - Lilla Melodifestivalen 2002

"Kickflipper" with Razz -Denmark MGP Nordic 2002

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