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Lindor Truffles are nothing exceptional

Lindor Truffles from Lindt are machine made quality chocolate truffles. They are nothing exceptional but better than the average machine made pralines.

To my knowledge, Lindt produces 13 different kinds of Lindor truffles. The availability differs very much between countries. I have this year only found 3 different kinds of Lindor truffles in Sweden.

Lindt Lindor trufflesWhen I visited the Lindt store in Mall of America in Minnesota USA I found ten different kinds of Lindor truffles. I bought nine of them.

I normally enjoy dark chocolate more than milk chocolate but that was not the case for the Lindor Truffles. I liked most of them and would consider buying some of them again.

Lindor truffles can never be compared with hand-made chocolate truffles. The skill and love that are put into hand-made truffles (at least the good ones) is simply not there in machine made truffles. But Lindor truffles are a lot better than other machine made chocolates. They are made of high quality chocolate and use only cocoa butter.

I have ordered the nine truffles I tried from best to worst:

Lindt Lindor Mint

1. Mint

The Mint Lindor truffle has a green wrapping. I detected a clear and nice scent of mint when removing the wrapping. The truffle has a white chocolate interior which is very well suited for mint flavour. The shell is made of dark chocolate. The truffle was not too sweet or too bitter.


Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate

2. Milk Chocolate

The Milk chocolate Lindor truffle has a red wrapping. This truffle has a milky flavour in a positive sense. It was a little bit too sweet. But overall it was smooth and nicely balanced.



Lindt Lindor White Chocolate

3. White Chocolate

The White Chocolate Lindor truffle has a gold wrapping. This truffle had a quite thick white chocolate shell and a smooth white chocolate truffle on the inside. It was not very sweet for white chocolate. The centre was smooth, creamy and delicious.


Lindt Lindor Dark Chocolate

4. Dark Chocolate

The Dark Chocolate Lindor truffle has a dark blue wrapping. This truffle is very sweet for being a dark chocolate. For me it didn't taste very dark.




Lindt Lindor Hazelnut

5. Hazelnut Chocolate

The Hazelnut Lindor truffle has a brown wrapping. This truffle contains crunchy pieces of hazelnuts that got stuck between my teeth. The nut flavour was a little bit too subtle. The truffle was fairly sweet.



Lindt Lindor Stracciatella

6. Stracciatella

The Stracciatella Lindor truffle has a light blue wrapping. There is not much difference between the Stracciatella truffle and the White Chocolate truffle. There are some crushed cocoa nibs in the white outer shell but there should have been nibs in the centre too. It was as good as the White chocolate but I expected something more than just a copy of the White Chocolate truffle.


Lindt Lindor 60% Dark Chocolate

7. 60% Dark Chocolate

The 60% Dark Chocolate Lindor truffle has a black wrapping. This truffle has a dark chocolate shell but a sweeter inside. I could not find out from their web page if the truffle had an average 60% chocolate or if that was just the outer shell. The filling should have been made of darker chocolate. The flavour of the outer shell took over the taste of the filling.


Lindt Lindor Dark Orange

8. Dark Orange

The Dark Orange Lindor truffle has an orange wrapping. I could detect a clear scent of orange from the truffle. It tasted like the orange flavour of the truffle was artificial and too bitter. It tasted like orange zest.
On the American Lindt page I could read that the Coffee Lindor was made of real coffee and not coffee aromas. I did not find anything like that regarding the Dark orange truffle. The Dark orange truffle was too sweet and should have been made of darker chocolate.


Lindt Lindor Raspberry

9. Raspberry

The Raspberry Lindor truffle has a pink wrapping. This truffle had a clear artificial flavour. It was too sweet and a little to bitter. I did not like this truffle and would never buy it again.



I didn't try the Coffee truffle since I don't like coffee. The other three flavours that I did not find were Peppermint, Peanut Butter Chocolate and Snowman (milk chocolate shell with a white chocolate centre).

The Lindt web site can be a bit tricky to get information from since it only shows information about the products sold in your country. I usually visit the American Lindt web site instead of the Swedish one.

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