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Pralines from Daskalidés is nothing for me

I have tried two different pralines from Daskalidés. The quality was lower than I had expected. Not in my taste.

Daskalides logotype

Daskalidés is a Belgian company.. Their products can be found in stores all around the world, all from Azerbaijan to French Polynesia. However, they cannot be found in either United States or Great Britain.

Deskalidés have a pretty god selection of sugar free pralines and chocolate bars. But they even it out with the other pralines, which were way too sweet.

I think they are using chocolate from Callebaut which is regarded as high quality. Unfortunately the pralines aren´t particularly good quality in my opinion, even though the raw materials are. But in all fairness I have only tried two pralines so far… I don´t think that I will try any more.


Jardin Pistache

Rating: Rating: 3/10

Daskalides pistachio praline








Roasted hazelnut and almond praliné topped with pistachio bits.

The smell was somewhat smokey, a little tobacco, leathery and nutty. Because of this I thought right away that this wasn´t something for me. I didn’t like the filling either; it was too compact for my liking and tasted burnt. The nut pieces wasn´t as crisp as they should be. The taste of pistachio didn’t really emerge. The praliné was way too sugary. Maybe there should have been a tiny amount of salt on the nuts? No, I didn´t like this.


Palet Miel

Rating: Rating: 3/10

Daskalides honey praline







A layer of rosemary honey on a layer of almond praliné.

Also this one smelled a little smokey / tobacco. The shell was too thick and tasted acrid. At first I din´t find any praliné at all. Most of the filling was pure honey. Certainly the honey tasted really well and was probably high quality. But it was too sweet to use it pure instead of mixing it with a ganche. It took the overhand completely. The almond praliné was alright, but it should have been more of that and less of the honey. Also this praline was too sweet for my taste.

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