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Pralines from Flickorna Kanold - Sweden

The pralines from Swedish Flickorna Kanold,Gothenburg, Sweden, are playing in a high class. The chocolate they are using is of high quality. The selection is huge. The recipes used are ranging from more than a hundred years old to classic favourites like Sea salt truffle and new, inventive combinations like Goat cheese & Honey. We have tried some of

Chocolate pralines from Kanold

You can´t really give low scores on any praline in the selection, due to the high quality. But of course there are flavour combinations that doesn´t appeal to everyone. We have based the rating of the pralines on our own tastes, but we have also taken the quality in account.

Candy cane truffle

Rating: Rating 6/10

Candy cane truffle

Dark chocolate on the outside but white truffle inside. The texture is very good; soft and smooth, not too runny. We found the praline too sweet for our tastes. The balance would probably be better if the white chocolate had been changed to milk chocolate or even dark chocolate.

Passion fruit & Chili

Rating: Rating 8/10

Passion fruit & chili praline

Mmmmm. Passion fruit is one of my two favourite praline flavours. Flickorna Kanold´s version is really good. The passion fruit flavour is perfect! But it would have been better without the chili (they have one of those too). The chili is a little bit too strong in this praline. The ganache is also a bit too runny.

Rosemary & Currants

Rating: Rating 5/10

Rosemary & Current praline

A bland praline that disappears in the selection. It didn´t taste much at all. There was a hint of rosemary but the currants were impossible to recognize. The ganache was somewhat grainy, but otherwise the texture was fine. It wasn´t anything really wrong with this praline, but none of us would buy it again.

Goat cheese & Honey

Rating: Rating 4/10

Goat cheese & Honey praline

An odd flavour that doesn´t fit everybody´s taste. The goat cheese was intense and became predominant. The honey flavour was to faint. Maybe the balance wasn´t the best? More honey and less goat cheese would have been better. The texture was really good. None of us cared much for this praline. Anders even thought it was pretty disgusting, but I probably wouldn´t turn one down if offered. But I wouldn´t pay for it.


Gothenburg truffle / Sea salt

Rating: Rating 10/10

Sea salt truffle

A real classic! An almost perfect balance between sweetness and saltiness. The texture is also very good. My second favourite amongst pralines is sea salt, so I have tried quite a few. This is absolutely one of the best. It makes me almost regret moving from Gothenburg…

Rhubarb & Wild strawberries

Rating: Rating 6/10

Rhubarb & Wild strawberry praline

The rhubarb flavour is distinct and sufficient, but the wild strawberry flavour is too light. The dark chocolate coating became somewhat predominant. Maybe the ganache would have been more distinct with a lighter coating. Otherwise the shell was exemplary with a clear cracking sound when biting into it. The texture was also good. The praline doesn´t stand out in Flickorna Kanold´s assortment. When there is so much to offer I probably wouldn´t buy it, but if it were part of a smaller selection somewhere else, I probably would.


Olive oil & Salt

Rating: Rating 8/10

Olive oil & Salt praline

One more salt praline which suits me well! I also like olive oil, which make this a very good combination. The balance is very good, but the flavours could have been richer. The praline was also a bit too runny to get top scores.

Chili truffle

Rating:Rating 8/10

Chili truffle

This praline is probably the one Anders misses the most from the time we were living in Gothenburg. This is also a real classic! It is a truffle with attitude. It is spicy, even a little too spicy for me. The chili though is very tasty.

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