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Pralines from POCK - Stockholm

Per Olsson choklad och Konditori in Stockholm, Sweden are using carefully selected ingredients. You can tell that the chocolate for their pralines is high quality. The pralines I have tried are definitely above average, but there are no real top scores even if it is close.

PO choklad och Konditori

PO choklad och Konditori (POCK) was one of the exhibitioners in the Chocolate festival in Stockholm this year. Unfortunately I have not visited them in their café, so I have no clue if the range they were showing at the chocolate festival corresponds to what they normally have. The selection at the festival however was not particularly big compared to most of the others. But I rather have quality over quantity, and quality it is.




Rating: Rating: 7/10

Caramel/almond pralineThe chocolate shell is good with a nice cracking sound. The filling is a smooth, runny caramel with a hint of salt and a whole almond. The caramel is perfect, but maybe it could have been just a little more salt. What drags the score down is that the almond wasn´t crispy as it should be. It was even chewy and got stuck in my teeth.


Lingonberry caramel

Rating: Rating: 6/10

Lingonberry caramel pralineThe chocolate shell smells and tastes wonderful, very fruity. The right cracking sound can be heard when biting into the praline. The filling is sour and a little bitter. The texture is good but a little grainy. I wouldn´t have guessed that there was any caramel if I didn´t know it, but I didn´t miss it either. The composition is good. I liked it while I was eating it, but the bitter aftertaste unfortunately lingered for a long time. This pulls the grade down.


Raspberry/ passion

Rating: Rating: 7/10

Raspberry/ passion fruit pralineThe shell tasted good and the ganach had perfect consistency. The combination raspberry and passion fruit sounded like a dream to me since I think that both marries really well with chocolate. But the raspberry took overhand almost completely. Certainly the raspberry does well without the passion fruit. But I was still disappointed that I hardly could taste any passion fruit. But hadn´t I known there would be any I wouldn´t have missed it and the praline would have scored better.


Black & White

Rating: Rating: 8/10

Black & White pralineA soft white shell with a filling partly white and partly dark. It tastes creamy with a hint of vanilla. Perfect, smooth consistency. I had expected that it would be too sweet for me with all that white, but it wasn´t. The praline melted quickly in my mouth and disappeared instantly. This was the best of the pralines from POCK that I tasted.

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