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The Lindt Bear - a new Christmas icon

Lindt releases a new product that appeals to children for the holidays - The Lindt Bear. It will be available I severeal variants and sizes: Hollow milk chocolate, and filled with milk truffle.

The Lindt Bear even has it´s own homepage with apps and more.

 The Lindt Bear


The Lindt Bear Hollow Figure is a pretty large hollow bear made of milk chocolate wrapped in gold foil.






The Lindt Mini Bear Five Pack

You can also buy The Lindt Mini Bear Five Pack, also with hollow bears made of milk chocolate. The pack is perfect as family size.



 The Lindt Bear FriendsThe Lindt Bear Friends has a creamy milk filling. They will be available I mini format as five pack, but also in other sizes. They can be bought at Lindt´s web shop.


 The Lindt Beary Sweet Truffles

The Lindt Beary Sweet Truffles has a milk chocolate shell and sweet milk truffle filling. The bags are perfect as gifts.



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