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The Praline of the year 2011 in Sweden

The winner this year in the competition the Praline of the Year in Sweden, was Jenny Roshage. I have tried one of the other finalist pralines.

The competition Praline of the Year was held during the Chocolate festival at Nordiska Museet. The contestants had to hand in two pralines each, one dark and one light. One of the pralines had to be based on chocolate from Felchlin and the shell of one had to be made of chocolate from Läderach.

The finalists were judged by a jury lead by Tony Olsson, one of the organizers of the Chocolate festival.

The winner in the competition was Jenny Roshage from ”Bake it Happen”. The explanatory statement from the jury was: ”A creative thinking, leading up to a stylish, tasty and eventful experience.”

Her pralines hade the flavours ”lightly fried butter cream and cloudberries” and ”black pepper ganache with stewed cherries”. You can find links to the recipes at the end of this blog post.

As prize Jenny will receive training at Felchlin Condirama Chocolatier School in Switzerland.

I only got to try one of the finalists; Lingonberry explosion, which was handed in by the professional University for bakers and confectioners in Kristianstad. I also tried one more of their pralines.


Lingonberry explosion – Finalist

Rating: Rating: 8/10

Praline Lingonberry explosion- finalist in Praline of the Year 2011 in SwedenI haven´t tried any other finalist pralines, but I really think that this praline was worth its spot in the final. The consistency was good and the shell was shiny and nice. The filling was fresh and a bit sour in a good way. In contrast to the Lingonberry / caramel praline from POCK, this one had no bitterness or sour aftertaste. The savour was well balanced, rich and lingered for a long time. I liked it a lot and wish I could buy it again. My guess is that one of the reasons this praline didn´t win even though it was really good, is that it wasn´t quite as unique as the winner.


Nutty Caramel

Rating: Rating: 4/10

Praline with caramel and hazelnutThe tempering of the chocolate wasn´t so good and the shell was dull. The caramel was way too sweet for my taste. A hint of salt would have made it better. The hazelnut was really crispy and tasty. The praline doesn´t taste bad, but the quality is lower than most. It is more like a praline from budget box.



Links to more information - all will be opened in a new window.

The Chocolate festival at Nordiska Museet

the professional University for bakers and confectioners in Kristianstad (in swedish)

Homepage of the winner of the Praline of the Year 2011 - Bake it happen (in swedish)

Recipe for praline with lightly fried butter cream and cloudberries at Chokladsajten (in Swedish)

RRecipe for praline with black pepper ganach with stewed cherries at Chokladsajten (in swedish)

About the Lingonberry /caramel praline from POCK at Chocolate index

Homepage of Felchlin

Homepage of Läderach

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