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Vana Tallinn Chocolate Creme

Vana Tallinn Chocolate Cream is a tasty chocolate liqueur that reminded us of Baileys. The liqueur is suitable to drink with coffee, pour over ice cream or as it is; without anything else.

Vana Tallinn chocolate creamWe were four people who tried Vana Tallinn Chocolate Cream, a liqueur with 16% alcohol and milk. All four of us liked the liqueur.

Vana Tallinn is a rum-based estonian herb liqueur, with some lemon and vanilla. It has been manufactured since 1960 by AS Liviko, a company founded in 1898. The name Vana Tallinn translates as "old Tallinn".

Vana Tallin Chocolate Cream felt creamy and had a nice chocolate flavor. The taste of rum was there in the background but it didn´t overtake the chocolate. It was also a little spicy.

The liqueur reminded us of Baileys, but not as thick and it didn´t taste of whiskey. Vana Tallin Chocolate Cream had a more herbish taste than Baileys. Probably most people would not be able to tell the difference between Baileys and Vana Tallinn Chocolate Cream if no one told them.


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