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Terms of use

The following terms apply to all use of

1. General

1.1 It is not permitted to pretend to be someone else. When grading and reviews have the friendly name used for signature. This also applies to contacts and inquiries. Upon registration of membership in that only may register himself or groups/organizations/companies you represent.

1.2 Entries/comments that are defamatory or abusive towards ChocolateIndex and its members are not allowed. Furthermore, are not permitted as follows:

  • Comments with inflammatory or ridicule content
  • Unnecessary profanity, foul language or anything that may offend
  • Comments that can be interpreted as incitement against individuals or ethnic group
  • Comments about producing drugs or positive comments about using drugs
  • Slander and rumors
  • Sexist, racist or otherwise illegal comments
  • Recommendations and advice on illicit/illegal drugs
  • Comments that violate copyright or the Data Protection Acts

1.3 ChocolateIndex are allowed to, but not obligated, to review the comments, text, images and other material published in the Web Site. ChocolateIndex have the right to immediately, in whole or in part, remove or edit material that is contrary to the above paragraph (1.2).

1.4 In cases of a suspected crime, law enforcement agencies may be contacted.

2. Consent to logging

2.1 Logging of the IP number and time takes place at the requests, contacts, membership registrations, and assessment / reviews. These will be submitted to government on suspicion of crime.

3. Published material

3.1 ChocolateIndex not responsible for material posted by users or members of the web portal. If any unauthorized publish texts or images that he does not own the right to use the latter may have to pay the entire liability for any dispute.

3.2 All material published on this site may be used by ChocolatIndex for marketing purposes. This applies to materials such as pictures, lyrics, ratings, reviews, comments etc.

3.3 Material published on this site may not be used by third parties or visitors to the portal without ChocolateIndex's or the individual member has given permission. This applies to the collection of information, downloading of images, texts and other copyrighted material.

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